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Springtime at Birchden Vineyards

Springtime at Birchden Vineyards

Spring on the vineyard is truly magical. Everything seems to be slowly waking up ready for the exciting season ahead. 

On the farm we have welcomed Spring 2024 with open arms by planting our new orchard. We have chosen the trees with not only amazing fruit juices in mind for the future, but for the many birds that live on the farm. We have included 6 flowering cherry trees, crab apples, and pear trees – 30 in total.

On the vineyard, the Vixens have been hard at work getting the vines pruned and tied down ready in time for bud burst. Come rain or shine they have been dedicated to making sure the vineyard is not only healthy, but also looks beautiful. Once the buds start to burst, the vines are at their most vulnerable stage of life.  The biggest risk of the season is a late frost – just one late frost can wipe out 80% of our crop in minutes. Luckily, we have only had one scare this spring and Tom was up all night lighting candles to keep the temperature up and protecting the vines. Fingers crossed we are out of the danger zone and we will have an abundant 2024.

Keep your ears open for the launch date of our Charmed Finch coming soon!


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